Cabinet Doors Care and Maintenance Instructions

Our cabinet doors are made to the highest standards using modern manufacturing methods and materials and guaranteed for a full 12 months against manufacturing defects.
Misuse, neglect or accidental damage are not covered by the guarantee.  With appropriate in-home care and maintenance our doors, drawer fronts and matching accessories will provide years of trouble free performance.

Many domestic multi-purpose cleaning agents are unsuitable for use on modern products. The use of aggressive chemicals can result in irreversible damage.

Use only a 5% washing-up liquid, 95% water solution, wiping with a damp (not wet) cloth. Finally dry with a soft clean cloth. Dust with a soft clean cloth only. Wipe up cooking splashes immediately.

DO NOT USE wax furniture polish, abrasive or aggressive cleaners, bleach or hydrochlorate (chlorine) based cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, dilutes, acetone, alcohol, solvent or similar products like multisurface cleaners. 
Wipe up any water spillages immediately especially around the sink area and dry with a soft cloth.
Kettles, deep fryers and similar small appliances on worktops should be positioned away from wall cabinet doors. Extractor fan should be used at all times when using the hob. 
Toasters generate a lot of radiated heat which escapes upwards - position your toaster away from wall cabinet doors. Light bulbs (incandescent or tungsten) also produce radiated heat as do T- Lights / Yankee Candles which are also a fire hazard. 
HOBS (built-in or free standing cooker top)
Any hob, electric or gas, can produce up to 3Kw of heat for each ring - that's the equivalent of a room heater. Unless the intense heat is absorbed by a pan or cooking vessel, and/or vented away by an extractor, the surrounding carpentry/furniture will suffer a detrimental effect, and within a short time can become distressed with irreversible damage. Please follow the following guidelines when using the hob.
  • If you have an extractor fitted above the hob use it at all times.
  • Integrated extractors are hidden behind a door and should automatically operate the fan when the door is opened, if not, switch on the fan
  • Hobs are not to be used as a room heater. To quickly warm a cold kitchen/dinner or supplement the central heating system better invest in an electric fan heater for two reasons. 1) they are a more efficient room heater 2)  they will not discolour your kitchen.  So, never operate any hob burner without placing a pan on it.
  • New or replacement gas appliances by law have to be installed by a GasSafe approved fitter   
URGENT UPDATE - Do Not use hand-held Steam Cleaners as heavily promoted by Karcher, Morphy Richards, Vax or the like. They are NOT "the perfect solution" as advertised, however, they are ideal to strip wallpaper.

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